The State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications

A brief history

During the tenure (1961) of Sri. Pattom A. Thanu Pillai as Chief Minister, the Department of Malayalam Encyclopaedia started functioning under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education. Prof. N. Gopala Pillai was appointed as the first Chief Editor (1961-69).  He was succeeded by Dr. K.M. George (1969-75).  It was during this period that the number of volumes was fixed at 20.  Volumes 1 and 2 of Sarvavijnanakosam were also published (1972, 74).  In April 1975 Dr. Vellayani Arjunan took over as Chief Editor (1975-1988).  The next year witnessed the transformation of the Department into an autonomous body named The State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications.  In March 1987 the institute was brought under the Department of Cultural Affairs.  During the period of thirteen years from 1975, six volumes were brought out (3 - 1976, 4 - 1978, 5 - 1979, 6 - 1981, 7 - 1984, 8 - 1987).  The work on Viswasahityavijnanakosam was inaugurated on February 22, 1984.  In July 1988 Dr. C.G. Ramachandran Nair was appointed as Director of the institute.  Subsequently the ninth volume of Sarvavijnanakosam was published in 1990.  Prof. M. Achuthan served as Director during 1992-95.  The first volume of Viswasahityavijnanakosam came out (1994).  In November 1995 Dr. George Onakkur became Director. Volume 10 of the Sarvavijnanakosam was brought out in 1995 and volume 2 of the Viswasahityavijnanakosam in 1996.  Prof. V. Aravindakshan was appointed Director in April 1997 and during his tenure volume 11 of the Sarvavijnanakosam and the single volume Paristhithivijnanakosam were published (2000, 2000).  Dr. Vellayani Arjunan was appointed Director in August 2001 and during this period volume 12 of Sarvavijnanakosam and volumes 3 and 4 of Viswasahityavijnanakosam (2003, 2004, 2004) were published.  Dr. M.R. Thampan became the Director on September 30, 2004 and volume 13 of Sarvavijnanakosam and volume 5 of Viswasahityakosam were brought out during his tenure. Prof. K. Pappootty assumed charge as the Director on November 29, 2006. Under his leadership we brought out the first (in March 2007), the second (in July 2009), the third (in March 2011) and the sixth (in March 2011) volumes of the revised set of Sarvavijnanakosam, the fourteenth (in June 2008) and fifteenth (in September 2010) volumes of Sarvavijnanakosam, the sixth (in July 2009) and seventh (in March 2010) volumes of Viswasahityavijnanakosam, two single-volumed encyclopaedias on Astronomy and Evolution, the Varshikavijnanakosam (in March 2011) and the web edition (in June 2008) of Sarvavijnanakosam. Dr. M. R. Thampan assumed full additional charge as Director on June 15, 2011. Prof. Thumpamon Thomas assumed charge as Director on August 02, 2011. The revised volumes 7, 9 & 10 of Sarvavijnanakosam, volume 8 of Sahityavijnanakosam and the revised edition of Paristhithivijnanakosam were published during his tenure. Sri. B. Mohanan, Director, Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala, assumed full additional charge as the Director of the Institute on February 08, 2013. Subsequent to the superannuation of Sri. B. Mohanan, Sri. M. Santhosh Kumar, Director, Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala, assumed full additional charge as the Director of the Institute on April 18, 2013. On June 05, 2013 Dr. M. T. Sulekha took charge as Director of the Institute. Under her astute leadership we have so far published Samskarikam [ a commemmorative volume published as part of our Golden Jubilee Celebration] and the revised edition of the eighth volume of Sarvavijnanakosam.